Monday, July 21, 2008

New objectives

We have decided to change the objectives of my GSOC project by adding an integrated mem/cpu profiler for sip-communicator to give bundle dependent results.
The profiler will be used as a plugin for SC and print out UI such information:

bundle1: CPU 50% Mem 510kb
bundle2: CPU 12% Mem 120kb
bundle3: CPU 0.1% Mem 12kb

Also here can be added an information about a bundle loading time.

What is done:
- Java code is changed to suit the new version of SC

I am doing right now:
- integration with jmemprof, actually compile jmemprof for windows, it seems that jdk 6 doesn't have needed includes (jvmpi was depricated), so I now trying old versions of java, to get it compiled

Next steps:
- get bundle separated profiling information

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